The Power of Immigration

Lately there has been a lot of talk about the phenomenon of immigration. Most people have an opinion about it, and there have been numerous discussions about whether it is a good or a bad thing. In this post we are going to take a look at immigration from both perspectives.

When talking about all the bad things immigration can cause, people usually refer to the economy and the job market. They say that the phenomenon inevitably leads to lower salaries and a general decrease in the quality of goods and services that are provided by the country in question. It is true that having access to people who are willing to work for less money leads to the reduction of salaries. It is also true that when you have lower salaries, you tend to have products of a lower quality. But this is not necessarily a bad thing, nor something that always comes to happen. In these kinds of discussions, people who are against immigration are usually natural-born citizens of the state in question. This is to be expected, but it doesn’t mean that they are always right.

There are plenty of good things that are caused by a phenomenon such as immigration. Some of these things are the mix of cultures that tends to bring about the new and the improved. This is not limited to innovation in cuisine, but can also be reflected in the development of thought and technology, two things that are very important for the development of mankind in general.

When talking about immigration, its history is something that can’t go unmentioned. One of the most famous examples of this phenomenon is the immigration of Italians to America. It has led to a shift in the American economic and cultural scenes, and the country that we are all familiar with could barely be recognized without the Italian influence. But this is not limited to the case of America. Many Italian families in the world created something important. The Rana family which, thanks to Giovanni and his son Gian Luca, opened some restaurants in the USA (Giovanni Rana official page on Yelp and official Rana website), is only one of the many examples of the Italian success around the world (read also this interesting comparison between Gian Luca Rana and Ryan O’Leary, Ryanair CEO). Other examples include Joseph Barbera of the Hanna-Barbera duo, Gennaro Lombardi of the Lombardi’s Pizzeria (Lombardi’s Pizza on TripAdvisor) and the famous director Francis Ford Coppola.