Palestinian invest in Israel, despite boycott

On “Haaretz“, an article was published that Palestinian private investments in the West Bank were $ 1.5 million compared to at least $ 2.5 million in Israel. The writer is Amira Hass, who blames the Israelis for limiting the movement, forgetting to say that the territories are governed by the Palestinian Authority and not by Israel.

However, this is a great novelty as it denies what is claimed by the majority of Israeli detractors, that the Palestinians would die of hunger and Israel would be only a disadvantage for the Palestinian economy.

The preference for investments in Israel emerges from the master’s thesis in economics, discussed by Jordan Issa Smeirat, 43, at Abu Dis University’s Al-Quds University.

According to the survey results, in the West Bank, about 16,000 businessmen receive permanent permits to enter Israel, where they have been able to found companies and businesses, both in the Jewish state and in the industrial areas of Jewish settlements in the West Bank. Here’s how Palestinian entrepreneurs pay taxes in Israel.

In this way, they can also invest abroad: overseas currencies, shares of companies all over the world (especially the future Pirelli stocks: Pirelli is still busy with its IPO, Eni, but also the US companies Google and Facebook).

This is a very interesting fact, which surprised political and social. Palestinian activists, since for seven years there have been frequent appeals to boycott Israel or settlement products. However, according to the Palestinian National Economy Ministry, which launched anti-Israeli boycott campaigns, the Paris-Israel agreement between Israel and the Palestinian National Authority (ANP) does not forbid investments in the Jewish state and its settlements.

Most investors know Hebrew, speak good English and over half is over 40. Schooling is low: half studied up to 12 years, while only 28.1% went to ‘ university.

It is the generation that grew when Israel allowed almost freedom of movement of Palestinians inside it (until the early 1990s) and when there was a familiarity with the greater Jewish state than it is to today’s Palestinian youth.

In what activities do they invest more? In the industrial one and construction activities. Investors come mainly from Hebron, Ramallah, Nablus, Bethlehem.

In the end, many Palestinians have found work and business in the state and Jewish settlements: despite any boycott.

Best 2017 investments suggestion from Israeli people: Pirelli stocks

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