What is going on in Palestine?

4To answer this question one can only summarize it in two words: a war.

There is a lot more to the war than meets the eye. Pro-Israelis would have you believe that the war is the fault of the Palestinians whereas pro-Palestinians would have you believe that the fault lies with the Israelis. Before emphasizing upon the issue any further, there is a need to stress upon two things:

  1. Israel is a Zionist state. Zionism is a more extremist belief and Zionists believe that they have the right to live in Palestine because it is their “Promise Land” and that it is the haven for Jews around the world.
  2. Palestine was not a predominantly Muslims state. It was a state where Muslims and Jews lived together though the population just happened to consist of more Jews than Muslims. Having said this, many Jews has no qualms with this situation.

Israel is a state that came to exist in 1947 upon the insistence of the United States of America. This state is a Zionist state: in other words, this state is an extremist state seeing as how the people living within it are Zionists and they take pride in being so.

Palestine has Palestinian Arabs, some of who are Muslims and then, a small minority of Jews live here too. These Jews are not in favor of what the Israelis are doing because they believe in co-existing with the Muslims. Israel is solely Zionist when it comes to its approach. Israelites believe that Palestine is theirs and they are now killing many Muslims and their children in Palestine.

This is what has caused a major issue and this is what is known as the Palestine-Israel conflict.  Nowadays, the Israelites are carrying out, what is known as “ethnic-cleansing” which, put in less diplomatic terms, means to eradicate the Palestinian Arabs so that the only people living here would be the Zionists.

Many Palestinian families are being killed on a daily basis and a lot of lives have been lost on the Palestinian front. Any sort of so-called ceasefire has failed because of the fact that the Israelis will not stop and the USA or the UN have taken no steps to ensure that the Israelites and the Palestinians reach a consensus. This is what is currently going on in this part of the Middle East