What impact has the Palestine-Israel issue had on the world?

The issue between the Palestinians and the Israelis has existed since many years, now. While some would state that the issue is recent and took place towards the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century, the problem has actually caused a lot of friction between the two nations since eons. This issue is religious and historical and many refuse to look at this problem by juxtaposing the two though it is more likely that answers can be found by combining the two and looking at the root of the problem.

The issue between the two3 is one of the most serious ones in the world currently. A large number of lives are being taken on a daily basis, unfortunately. Both sides are losing lives on a large scale. The Palestinian Arabs have been pushed out of their properties and out of the land that was once theirs and one that they still believe they are entitled to. Israelis use harsh methods to force the Palestinian Arabs out of their homeland.

Guns, bombs, grenades and other such weapons are used by the Zionists to destroy the properties of the Palestinian Arabs. This issue has had a major impact upon the dynamics of the world’s politics. While some people state that the United States is providing the Israelis with the weaponry in order to force the Arabs out of their lands, there are those who believe that the US does want peace to exist between the two.

Then there are those who state that Muslim countries are backing the Palestinians in order to promote their own interests. Sadly this is, partially, why many people have come to think of the Muslims as terrorists in the world, too. At the same time, Muslim nations would rather see peace in the region.

Both, Jews and Muslims believe that they are entitled to the land. Those of Jewish faith believe that it is their “Promised Land” and a haven for Jews around the world while the Muslims believe that the land is theirs because of the simple fact that they have been living here since the past so many centuries.

This is what has created a lot of friction between the two and this has also had an impact upon how many Muslims and Jews look at one another too.