The Origin of the Conflict between Israel and Palestine

2Many people will tell people who ask about the war between Israel and Palestine that the war is a recent one- one that was the result of Palestine being split into two: Palestine and Israel. This is not the case. The war is a historical one.

Before the creation of a separate state for the Jews, by the name of Israel, the Palestinian Arabs and Jews lived side by side and though there was some tension between the two, it never was as serious as what is happening in the region today.

There were two kinds of Jews living in the region: the tolerant ones who have nothing against their Palestinian counterparts, the Arabs and secondly, the Zionists. The former has no issues with living with the Arabs though the latter does. Zionists believe that Palestine is “their” land and that it is the land that they were promised. Hence, Palestine is often referred to as the “Promised Land” by the Zionists.

Israel was created in 1948 and though many would say that it was created by the United Nations, it was actually created upon the insistence of the United States. The USA brought many Latin American republics in line with their own beliefs and views and so, as a result the partition of the state of Palestine took place. This was when the issue was formalized and things became hostile between Muslims and Jews. This was also when the civil war began and things went from bad to worse from this point on.

The Zionists never wanted a portion of Palestine. They wanted Palestine to be Jewish because of their beliefs that it was their Promised Land. The Zionists were more prepared and well-equipped militarily and they had the weapons they need to force out the Palestinian Arabs.

Not surprisingly, they did use these weapons in order to do exactly that. These Zionists were disrespectful towards the boundaries set by the United Nations and they did so in a horrible manner. Many Muslims were forced out of their homes and those who resisted were tortured or they were killed. In most cases the Zionists did both and they still continue to do so.

Matters go from bad to worse. It is important to remember, though, that a large number of Jews do not agree with what the Zionists are doing.