Efforts made to deal with the Palestine-Israel issue

1The issue between Palestine and Israel is one that has been existent since years now. This is not a recent issue. It has existed since centuries and though certain measures have been taken to tame down the issue, it has never been completely resolved. What many people do not keep in mind is that this issue is not only territorial- it is religious and historical. Though at the surface it may seem territorial, the issue is much more deep-rooted and has been a major strain upon the relationship of the Jews with the Muslims and vice versa.

Every day, every year both sides fight against one another and this issue has become so serious that a cease-fire is just not enough anymore. Many Palestinians have lost their lives due to the drastic measures taken by the Israelis to force them out of their homeland. Similarly, some (though not as many as the Palestinians) Israeli lives have been lost. Recently, Israel has been terrorizing the Palestinians and a ceasefire was arranged by the United Nations. Unfortunately, other than cease-fires that are organized at intervals, there is not much one can do to deal with the issue.

As was stated above, the issue is not territorial as such. Efforts made to deal with the issue are usually futile because of the fact that this issue is also religious and historical. Neither side is willing to give up their beliefs in regards to their rights over Palestine.

The Palestinian Arabs state that the land is one that they are entitled due to the fact that they have lived there over the centuries while the Israelis state that Palestine is their “Promised Land”- a land that is to be the haven for Jews all around the world.

Israel is a state that was founded in 1948. The problem between the Jews and the Muslims came under the eye of the international companies when a formally and internationally recognized state which was pre-dominantly Jewish, was created. This also formalized the issue between Muslims and the Jews. The Zionist Jews finally got the land they wanted though at the expense of the Muslims who were forced out of their homes. Now it seems they have adopted a “maximalist” approach and want to completely force the Palestinian Arabs out of their homeland.

So, you see, the issue is not one that is limited to the territory only.