What is the Palestine-Israel conflict about?

5Palestine and Israel are both countries with different religious backgrounds. Palestine was the land of the Muslims for many, many years though people of the Jewish faith believed that they were the ones who had the right to Palestine since it was the “Promised Land”.

Recently, issues started to arise in late 19th and early 20th century. In the year of 1920 hostilities got to a point where neither side could tolerate the other.  This was when the conflict of 1947 broke out and this came to be known as the 1947 civil war.

The main reason due to which the conflict escalated to the point of war was because of the fact that this issue has been going on since centuries now. While the Zionists (Jewish nationalists) stated that they had the right to live in Palestine which would act as a haven for Jews around the world, the Arab nationalists adhered to their belief that they have/had the right to staying on the land seeing as how they have been doing so since the past so many centuries.

Supposedly the first time when the tension between the Arabs and the Jews began to show was in 1882 when a Jewish guard shot an Arab man, at a wedding, by, what was thought to be, accidentally. In response, it is said by Benny Morris, that the Arabs threw stones at the Jews and raided their properties.

However, how true these incidents may be or are is something that one can never be too sure of since Benny Morris himself is Israeli and so there’s a tendency that his words and views would be biased against the Arabs. Taking the point of view of a Muslim, solely, would possibly, create the same kind of confusion seeing as how both sides would have the tendency to adhere to a theory that is more suitable to their beliefs and one that is completely biased against the other.

One can never be too sure as to the reliability of any information that is read today. The problem is mainly historical and religion. People focusing on history would be neglecting an important aspect of the whole situation: the religious aspect. Similarly, to look at the religious aspect while ignoring the historical aspect would be wrong since the two aspects go hand in hand.

The civil war still continues today and many lives are taken.




What is going on in Palestine?

4To answer this question one can only summarize it in two words: a war.

There is a lot more to the war than meets the eye. Pro-Israelis would have you believe that the war is the fault of the Palestinians whereas pro-Palestinians would have you believe that the fault lies with the Israelis. Before emphasizing upon the issue any further, there is a need to stress upon two things:

  1. Israel is a Zionist state. Zionism is a more extremist belief and Zionists believe that they have the right to live in Palestine because it is their “Promise Land” and that it is the haven for Jews around the world.
  2. Palestine was not a predominantly Muslims state. It was a state where Muslims and Jews lived together though the population just happened to consist of more Jews than Muslims. Having said this, many Jews has no qualms with this situation.

Israel is a state that came to exist in 1947 upon the insistence of the United States of America. This state is a Zionist state: in other words, this state is an extremist state seeing as how the people living within it are Zionists and they take pride in being so.

Palestine has Palestinian Arabs, some of who are Muslims and then, a small minority of Jews live here too. These Jews are not in favor of what the Israelis are doing because they believe in co-existing with the Muslims. Israel is solely Zionist when it comes to its approach. Israelites believe that Palestine is theirs and they are now killing many Muslims and their children in Palestine.

This is what has caused a major issue and this is what is known as the Palestine-Israel conflict.  Nowadays, the Israelites are carrying out, what is known as “ethnic-cleansing” which, put in less diplomatic terms, means to eradicate the Palestinian Arabs so that the only people living here would be the Zionists.

Many Palestinian families are being killed on a daily basis and a lot of lives have been lost on the Palestinian front. Any sort of so-called ceasefire has failed because of the fact that the Israelis will not stop and the USA or the UN have taken no steps to ensure that the Israelites and the Palestinians reach a consensus. This is what is currently going on in this part of the Middle East




What impact has the Palestine-Israel issue had on the world?

The issue between the Palestinians and the Israelis has existed since many years, now. While some would state that the issue is recent and took place towards the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century, the problem has actually caused a lot of friction between the two nations since eons. This issue is religious and historical and many refuse to look at this problem by juxtaposing the two though it is more likely that answers can be found by combining the two and looking at the root of the problem.

The issue between the two3 is one of the most serious ones in the world currently. A large number of lives are being taken on a daily basis, unfortunately. Both sides are losing lives on a large scale. The Palestinian Arabs have been pushed out of their properties and out of the land that was once theirs and one that they still believe they are entitled to. Israelis use harsh methods to force the Palestinian Arabs out of their homeland.

Guns, bombs, grenades and other such weapons are used by the Zionists to destroy the properties of the Palestinian Arabs. This issue has had a major impact upon the dynamics of the world’s politics. While some people state that the United States is providing the Israelis with the weaponry in order to force the Arabs out of their lands, there are those who believe that the US does want peace to exist between the two.

Then there are those who state that Muslim countries are backing the Palestinians in order to promote their own interests. Sadly this is, partially, why many people have come to think of the Muslims as terrorists in the world, too. At the same time, Muslim nations would rather see peace in the region.

Both, Jews and Muslims believe that they are entitled to the land. Those of Jewish faith believe that it is their “Promised Land” and a haven for Jews around the world while the Muslims believe that the land is theirs because of the simple fact that they have been living here since the past so many centuries.

This is what has created a lot of friction between the two and this has also had an impact upon how many Muslims and Jews look at one another too.




The Origin of the Conflict between Israel and Palestine

2Many people will tell people who ask about the war between Israel and Palestine that the war is a recent one- one that was the result of Palestine being split into two: Palestine and Israel. This is not the case. The war is a historical one.

Before the creation of a separate state for the Jews, by the name of Israel, the Palestinian Arabs and Jews lived side by side and though there was some tension between the two, it never was as serious as what is happening in the region today.

There were two kinds of Jews living in the region: the tolerant ones who have nothing against their Palestinian counterparts, the Arabs and secondly, the Zionists. The former has no issues with living with the Arabs though the latter does. Zionists believe that Palestine is “their” land and that it is the land that they were promised. Hence, Palestine is often referred to as the “Promised Land” by the Zionists.

Israel was created in 1948 and though many would say that it was created by the United Nations, it was actually created upon the insistence of the United States. The USA brought many Latin American republics in line with their own beliefs and views and so, as a result the partition of the state of Palestine took place. This was when the issue was formalized and things became hostile between Muslims and Jews. This was also when the civil war began and things went from bad to worse from this point on.

The Zionists never wanted a portion of Palestine. They wanted Palestine to be Jewish because of their beliefs that it was their Promised Land. The Zionists were more prepared and well-equipped militarily and they had the weapons they need to force out the Palestinian Arabs.

Not surprisingly, they did use these weapons in order to do exactly that. These Zionists were disrespectful towards the boundaries set by the United Nations and they did so in a horrible manner. Many Muslims were forced out of their homes and those who resisted were tortured or they were killed. In most cases the Zionists did both and they still continue to do so.

Matters go from bad to worse. It is important to remember, though, that a large number of Jews do not agree with what the Zionists are doing.




Efforts made to deal with the Palestine-Israel issue

1The issue between Palestine and Israel is one that has been existent since years now. This is not a recent issue. It has existed since centuries and though certain measures have been taken to tame down the issue, it has never been completely resolved. What many people do not keep in mind is that this issue is not only territorial- it is religious and historical. Though at the surface it may seem territorial, the issue is much more deep-rooted and has been a major strain upon the relationship of the Jews with the Muslims and vice versa.

Every day, every year both sides fight against one another and this issue has become so serious that a cease-fire is just not enough anymore. Many Palestinians have lost their lives due to the drastic measures taken by the Israelis to force them out of their homeland. Similarly, some (though not as many as the Palestinians) Israeli lives have been lost. Recently, Israel has been terrorizing the Palestinians and a ceasefire was arranged by the United Nations. Unfortunately, other than cease-fires that are organized at intervals, there is not much one can do to deal with the issue.

As was stated above, the issue is not territorial as such. Efforts made to deal with the issue are usually futile because of the fact that this issue is also religious and historical. Neither side is willing to give up their beliefs in regards to their rights over Palestine.

The Palestinian Arabs state that the land is one that they are entitled due to the fact that they have lived there over the centuries while the Israelis state that Palestine is their “Promised Land”- a land that is to be the haven for Jews all around the world.

Israel is a state that was founded in 1948. The problem between the Jews and the Muslims came under the eye of the international companies when a formally and internationally recognized state which was pre-dominantly Jewish, was created. This also formalized the issue between Muslims and the Jews. The Zionist Jews finally got the land they wanted though at the expense of the Muslims who were forced out of their homes. Now it seems they have adopted a “maximalist” approach and want to completely force the Palestinian Arabs out of their homeland.

So, you see, the issue is not one that is limited to the territory only.